The Workouts (pre-2010)

From beginners to experts, this is what I know (knew, actually. For what I know, go to

Basic workout - This is as simple as it gets For true beginners. includes some nutrition guidelines.

Beginner to Advanced - From other sport athletes to regular gymrats. Includes my personal workout set by set.

Weekly Food Log - How to get started on your eating habits

Stretching - Some stretching that I do for my back, post surgery

Gymnastics Conditioning - Real conditioning sheets from September 08 and 09

2009 Fitness Excel spreadsheet including food log - Save locally and use all the tabs

This spreadsheet will help you keep track of all your activity, your key measurements
and your goals and rewards. It is a sheet I always use no matter how often I stop and start.
Remember that documenting your progress is KEY to staying motivated.